Four Tips from a Pediatric Dentist on Cleaning Baby Teeth

Pediatric dentists treat children who still have their baby teeth.

Pediatric Dentistry Preventive Dental Procedures

Learn more about a few pediatric dentistry preventative measures you can choose for your child, including fluoride treatments. #PediatricDentistry

When Seeing an Emergency Pediatric Dentist is Recommended

You should have dental issues treated as soon as possible, and some conditions warrant seeing an emergency pediatric dentist.

When Does My Child Need a Baby Dental Crown?

When Does My Child Need a Baby Dental Crown? | Pediatric Dentistry On Park | Baby dental crowns are necessary when a child’s baby teeth are in poor condition because of cavities, other infections or injuries.

Fluoride Rinses at Your Child’s Pediatric Dentistry Visit

Pediatric dentists specialize in oral health care for toddlers, children and adolescent patients. When the patient is a toddler or a young child, a pediatric dentist typically only requires a quick examination of the existing teeth and a simple hand-held … Continued

What Services Are Provided by a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentists provide all of the necessary examinations and treatments for children’s dental health.

Nutritional Counseling for Teens at Pediatric Dental Visit

Pediatric dental professionals love a healthy set of teeth, especially when those teeth belong to their patients.

Ask a Pediatric Dentist: What Are Dental Sealants?

If you have children, then you may have heard about dental sealants from a pediatric dentist. These sealants can help children avoid cavities.

Children’s Dentist: Why Your Kids Need to Floss and Brush Their Teeth

If you ask a children's dentist what the most common oral care routines are, they will probably mention flossing and brushing. However, getting kids to clean their teeth can sometimes be a hassle. If parents can explain the importance to … Continued

Pediatric Dentistry Tips – Talking to Your Child’s Dentist About Cavity Prevention

Pediatric dentistry takes a holistic approach to ensuring the oral health of young patients. An important aspect of this approach involves providing guidance to parents. Infants and toddlers cannot take care of their teeth without help. They rely on their … Continued