Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay with a Trip to Our Pediatric Dental Office

Posted on: April 15, 2018

Pediatric Dental OfficeScheduling an appointment with our pediatric dental office is one of the best things a parent can do for their child’s oral health. It can also help to prevent baby bottle tooth decay. This is actually a common problem that most parents are unaware of. So, what is baby bottle tooth decay? This is where a baby, toddler or young child develop tooth decay. Parents will typically refer to this as a cavity. Children who develop this condition can suffer from serious toothaches and ongoing oral health problems.

Is my child at risk for baby bottle tooth decay?

The children that are at the greatest risk for this condition are the ones who either breastfeed throughout the night or are sent to bed with a bottle of milk or juice. Anything that contains sugar is going to create a risky situation for a child because they will be drinking something that places sugar on their teeth for the remainder of the night. This allows acid to be secreted that can attack the teeth and lead to decay.

The best way to avoid this is to brush the child’s teeth before bed and not let them drink anything but water afterward. Unfortunately, this is very hard to do with a baby or toddler. When they are this young, they are more likely to be very demanding and not at all understanding when it comes to their feeding schedule. In other words, if they want to eat, they want to eat and may not go back to sleep until they have that bottle or are able to nurse. We understand that and we recommend that parents schedule regular teeth cleanings so that we can help to promote good oral health.

Brushing regularly is also important

In our pediatric dental office, we also stress the importance of brushing teeth on a regular basis. Parents can brush their baby’s teeth in the evening and in the morning, just like they would brush their own teeth. Doing so using a rubber tip to brush makes it possible to brush even a small baby’s teeth. Older toddlers may even enjoy teeth brushing if they can pick out their own toothbrush.

Remember that children’s teeth are just as sensitive as adult teeth

One of the most important points we can make to parents is to treat their child’s teeth like they would their own. Too many people make the mistake of thinking that since they are a child, their oral health is somehow less important. This is not the case at all.  A child’s oral health is incredibly important but since they cannot maintain their health on their own, it is up to parents to implement these healthy habits for them.

Schedule an appointment to visit our pediatric dental office

We encourage parents to bring their children to our office on a regular basis. If it has been over six months since you have done so, call our office and schedule an appointment today. We will be happy to examine your child’s teeth, clean them and do what is necessary to prevent tooth decay and infection.

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