Signs Your Child Needs a Cavity Treatment for Kids

Posted on: July 15, 2017

Cavity Treatment for KidsScheduling a cavity treatment for kids is important if your child is complaining of dental pain. It is important to bring them to a dentist right away if there is cause for concern. Since regular dental care can help to prevent cavities, many parents never really deal with this problem. However, if a child needs help it is important to get it right away.

Otherwise, a rather small cavity can turn into a massive tooth infection that leads to an eventual extraction. This is something that should be prevented whenever possible since it is both traumatic and painful for a child.

Signs your child needs a cavity treatment for kids

Look for signs that a child may have a cavity and call if they are noticeable.

#1. Bleeding gum tissue

Bleeding gums can be a sign of an infection or gum disease. They may bleed occasionally when brushing or flossing, but this should not be a regular occurrence. If it is, call our office and schedule an examination.

#2. Swollen spots on the gums

Swollen gum tissue is something that needs to be addressed right away because it can be a sign of a dental abscess. We are not talking about slight inflammation but a rather large bump or swelling in a specific area of the gums. In this case, we will need to remove the cause or source of the infection and also prescribe antibiotics so that a child’s health can return to normal.

#3. Teeth changing color

Grey or blackening teeth can be signs of dental damage, decay or an infection and we recommend calling when it is observed that teeth are changing color.

#4. Toothaches

If a child complains of a toothache, the first thing to do is brush and floss their teeth. There could be too much sugar or acid content on the teeth and this can cause irritation. Also, something could be trapped in between the teeth. If this is the issue, a simple brushing should help. If the tooth pain remains, it is more likely that they have a cavity and need to visit our clinic.

What a cavity treatment entails

To treat tooth decay, we need to remove the decayed portion of the tooth. Once we remove the dental decay, we must thoroughly clean the area. At this point, we can place the filling The two most common types of filling are amalgam or composite resins.

We recommend placing tooth colored fillings because they are more durable and they blend in with the natural tooth structure. As a child dentist, we want our young patients to have a beautiful smile. When fillings blend in with their natural teeth, it is much easier to achieve that goal.

Visit our clinic for help

Do not delay in scheduling a cavity treatment for kids. We can help your child to return to good oral health and eliminate the source of their discomfort.

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