What is Pediatric Dental Care?

Posted on: September 16, 2018

Your child’s dental health, especially after they start teething, should never be taken for granted. Pediatric dental care is a great way to protect your child’s oral health and help prevent dental diseases like tooth decay. Pediatric dental care is necessary for children between the ages of 0 and 18.

Beginning Good Oral Hygiene

You should help your child cultivate good oral health habits right from early childhood. Regardless of their age, adopting a form of oral hygiene routine should be a priority. Before teething commences, clean their gums thoroughly with gauze or soft, wet fabric.

Once the first teeth erupt, ensure you keep them clean always. You need to get the suitable materials for this process, including toothbrushes made especially for babies. These brushes are smaller and have soft bristles.

Book an appointment with the pediatric dentist

It is vital for your child to visit the dentist within their first or second year after being born. Children are particularly prone to tooth decay because their teeth are harder to clean.

The pediatric dentist will ensure your child has healthy teeth by getting rid of plaque accumulation and food debris that may lodge in his or her teeth. This is necessary because plaque build-up gives bacteria the opportunity to fester and that may cause other dental issues such as cavities or gum tissue inflammation.

It is important to encourage your child before and during the dental visits by making it fun and rewarding them when they go for appointments.

Sometimes, your child may have a particular developmental condition that requires medical attention or another underlying condition that may hinder teeth from growing in and aligning correctly. A pediatric dentist is qualified to give that type of specialized medical care.

Other preventive care options include sealants to protect the teeth and fluoride treatment to strengthen the teeth against decay.

Professional Care Recommendations

The main focus of the pediatric dentist is the prevention and treatment of oral diseases in kids. They also enlighten parents and guardians on how to properly care for their kid’s teeth at home. This usually includes covering the appropriate way to brush and floss your kid’s teeth or other instruction that may help your child specifically, based on his or her condition.

During your pediatric dental care appointment, the dentist will also advise you on your child’s diet and how to shield your child’s gums and teeth. Typically, they will recommend you to avoid foods that are high in sugar and carbohydrates as much as possible. As a rule, you should not allow your child to sleep during breastfeeding or while drinking milk or juice.

A child's first set of teeth are fundamental. The dental development stages your child will experience later in life are dependent on their oral health at an early age.

What is important to understand?

Many educational materials and guides are available on the internet that can help you prepare your children for their first dental appointment and preventive dental care products you should buy for your kids.

The pediatric dentist can help you make sure that your child never suffers oral discomfort and maintains a lasting and lovely smile for your kids.

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